A mini MAC miracle


Jet off with M.A.C’s travel-size cosmetic range, Sized to Go

For those of you travelling to sunnier climes, following the festival circuit or even taking a short break in Britain, a mini skincare collection has never been more welcomed.

That is why M.A.C has turned its talents to travel, offering a scaled down cosmetic range that boasts both minimalism and practicability – the key solutions when it comes to the stressful activity of packing.

From a miniature Pro Eye Makeup Remover (£7.00) to a shrunken Green Gel Cleanser (£7.00) and a pocket-sized Oil Control Lotion (£12.00) to diminutive Demi-wipes (£10.00), you can enjoy the pleasures of M.A.C skincare wherever you happen to be in the world.

What is more, M.A.C has even compressed its popular Strobe Cream (£12) ensuring your skin looks the picture of perfection in those holiday snaps.

With a measure of 30ml on all of the bottled cosmetics, including the Studio Moisture Cream (£12.00), Fix + (£7.00) and Cleanse Off Oil (£7.00), you can be assured that an emergency call to the cosmetic counter will not be needed.

Happy holidays!