Sam Harman

I am a trainee journalist enamoured with big hair, bright nails and a well applied lip. I’m a keen blogger and feature writer. I love beauty bargains and trying new looks. I know what it’s like to have
imperfect skin. But I’ve met enough wonderful people to know true beauty come from the inside. Yes, news excites me. But I hope to make beauty writing my full time occupation once I’ve got some
more experience in my moisturised hands. Unfortunately, for now, I have to feed my cosmetics addiction with office work. Really, I’m doing the world a favour. Boots wouldn’t know itself without my pay day blow outs.

Blemishes are not the end of the world. They just mean your skin is going to need a little extra care as Samantha Harman explains
Samantha Harman gives us her verdict on this gentle, non-clogging soap-free cleanser.