How do I stop eyeshadow from creasing?

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No matter what type of eye shadow I wear whether cream, powder or liquid it always creases after about 2 hours. My skin is quite oily, any advice?
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With an oily skin type your best bet will be powder eyeshadows. But as you said, you've tried them! But you could try layering the eyeshadow with a subtle base colour first to help it last longer. I'd stick to matte, neutral shades because creases will be less noticeable. 

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Hiya CatWoman,
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I definitely think an eyeshadow base will help. At JMA, we love Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay in place eyeshadow base featured in our article on how to apply eyeshadow, and Urban Decay Primer Potion is great.  Long wear eyeshadows and bases do tend to be creams. 
Alternatively (or as well!), try applying a loose, matifying face powder to your eye lids before applying your eyeshadow – hopefully this will help ward off the creasing for longer. 
Plus, if you wear eye moisturiser, try to apply this at least an hour before your eye makeup so that it has time to absorb. Do not go for hydrating eye creams as these will only encourage your skin to secrete oil.
Good luck :)
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I love Bobbi Browns long-wear cream eyeshadows and find them really long-lasting. I am also oily. x

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