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Ballerina fever has well and truly hit this spring. Perfect pink flushed cheeks are our favourite, and Illamasqua cream blusher in the colour Sob offers us the perfect shade of cool, candy pink.


Now, I have to admit I was a cream blusher virgin, so I was a little nervous about using this product for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised at how super easy Sob is to apply. It's unbelievably soft and creamy.

Using my fingertips, I gently dabbed a little onto the apples of my cheeks and blended. Sob creates a lovely natural daytime flushed colour, yet it's very easy to build up the colour if you want a brighter look. Sob is the perfect shade for the 'doll-face' or 'ballerina' look. Not too made up, just enough.

I cannot stress how much I love the look of this blusher on my skin! It sinks in, much like a liquid foundation really. I definitely prefer it to powder blusher which, after using this product, I find sits on top of my skin and looks heavy.

I also found that once applied, I could literally get through a whole 10 hour work day without needing to reapply it - amazing!


Illamasqua cream blushers are £16.50 and, in my opinion, worth every single penny. You only need to use a tiny amount for each application, so a little really does go a long way.


One word... gorgeous. Very classic yet original, neat and easy to open. When it arrived in the post it was exquisitely wrapped, like an art piece.


Texture - 10/10
Result - 10/10
Applicator - 9/10
Packaging - 10/10
Price - 9/10

Quality - 10 /10


All in all Illamasqua cream blusher in Sob really does get top marks from me. Without a doubt, the best blusher I have ever used. Now I've found it, I don't think I can live without it. I would recommend it to everyone!


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I always get asked how to make skin look so glowy, dewy but really natural. I usually get that glow on models by using Lies Cream Blush. Illamasqua describes "Lies" as a Pearlescent Cool Pink which can be used as a cheek colour on really pale skin as it will come up as a really nice pale pink but can also be use as a highlight because it is quite pearlescent which is gorgeous, usually i would apply this over the foundation before slightly powdering. I place the highlight in specific places i want the light to hit. Lies Cream Blush is so soft and easy to blend. I love the texture of these blushes, it reminds me of butter (hah) yes i know that sounds weird but it feels like the same texture so it does blend like butter. Illamasqua describes their cream blushes as : Tease, hypnotise, use to effect. Use Cream Blusher to highlight your cheekbones, shape your face, build and blend with fingers or a brush to create the colour intensity you desire. Use over foundation for impact, or under for a captivating glow. However you apply it, be daring. Lies comes with 4g of product for £16.50 which is a good thing because MAC Crème Blend is £17.50 whereas you get 5.6g with that but Illamasqua Cream Blushes are so intensely pigmented you really dont need much.

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